Finding the right couples therapist is key given you are ready to work on one of the most central relationships in your life. Some conversations are easier to have with help, especially if you want them to go differently or they are on sensitive topics. My focus is on creating a safe space so you can learn new strategies to work through problems together effectively, learn how to be less reactive, and gain perspective on your relationship. Whether you are choosing to find a way back to each other if there has been a rupture in the trust, save your marriage or find a way to separate amicably, handle a divorce, or just need help finding your way through a transition or parenting issues, I can help! If your relationship has become more of a business relationship than an intimate one, you will learn how to increase your passion for each other again. I am trained in The Gottman Method (focused on building the skills needed to have a solid relationship), Emotionally Focused Therapy (which focuses on attachment styles), and Intimacy From the Inside Out (helping couples learn how to be safely vulnerable with each other rather than relate from a defensive place). I work with both heterosexual and homosexual couples. I feel privileged to see the tremendous benefits couples enjoy when they are committed to making changes.
Frequent areas couples seek help for include:
  • Communication
  • Increased Connection
  • Appreciation and Support
  • Infidelity
  • Parenting Issues

  • Financial Stress
  • Anger Management
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Assistance with Life Transitions (premarital, birth, career changes, empty nest, loss, retirement).

  • Testimonials


    In 2014, after being married for 22 years, our marriage began to crumble. Neither of us were happy and we were not communicating with each other. We began seeing Dr Garfinkle every week, and we learned how to understand each other better and how to communicate our feelings peacefully. Now we are stronger and happier than ever! Dr Garfinkle is very warm, compassionate and smart1 We are so grateful for all her help. We HIGHLY recommend her.


    I cannot imagine a more effective therapist than Dr. Carol Garfinkle. She is warm and non-judgmental, as well as authentic, interactive, and really smart. She put many different specific tools in our toolbox which has helped completely transform our relationship as a couple and as parents. She has been a great guide asking questions to help us figure out what we want to do, as well as how to communicate more openly and safely with each other. She never took sides and we laughed together as much as we cried. We highly recommend her!


    Carol is one of a kind! She has extensive training in a number of clinical methods and, consequently, a wide range of approaches for dealing with complex and unpredictable experiences. I have seen her for the past eight months for both individual and couples therapy and she has helped enormously, addressing both the particular situations that cause difficulty and, more importantly, the underlying and recurring feelings that produce these. She is an empathetic listener who encourages empathy as a first approach to relationships; but she is at the same time tough and demanding in her guidance on how to make changes, rather than allowing oneself to fall back into old patterns. For me, she has helped me turn around corrosive habits that were deeply ingrained; I am very grateful to her.