Speaking Engagements

For Parents: -School Presentations and group discussion facilitator for parents on topics such as: Non-Reactive Parenting -Helping Your Child Cope With Their Emotions (Tool kits for Anxiety, Anger and Sadness) -Managing ADHD

For Colleagues: Internal Family Systems Treatment and Child Therapy

For High School and College: Trauma and Dissociative Identity Disorder; Psychological Testing (Rorschach, TAT, Sentence Completion)


My expertise encompasses a wide range of clients from DID to ADHD, kids to adults, couples and families. I have worked intensively with IFS for ten years (Program Assistant, level 1 and 2 trained, plus trained by Toni Herbine Blank in couples work, numerous workshops, supervision groups, and retreats). My experience in the field over the past 25 years has included extensive cross-training (including EMDR, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy, couples with John Gottman as well as IFS, family systems, and expressive therapies, as well as some AEDP). I have been the outpatient clinical director for three MH centers and love to teach as well as practice.

My style is non-judgmental which creates the safe environment necessary to hold the challenges this work poses for us all. I focus on helping therapists work with their own parts which arise on cases, as well as refining techniques to work with our most difficult clients.