Individual Therapy

Through developing a warm and trusting relationship, we will utilize your strengths to help you learn more effective ways to cope with life’s struggles, feel more in control of yourself and your life, and improve your connections with others to get your needs met. We will begin to understand and heal your pain in a way that is tolerable in order to change underlying patterns of behavior. You will learn concrete strategies to manage feelings so that you do not become overwhelmed. Often people come in due to an inner critic that is costing them their joy. If this describes a big part of your inner struggles, you will learn how to stop your internal judge and fear of judgment from others from running and ruining your life.

Frequent areas addressed in individual therapy:

  • Relationship Issues
  • Considering or Adjusting To Separation/ Divorce
  • Stress Reduction
  • Depression or Loss Issues
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Anxiety and Sleep Problems
  • Addiction
  • Trauma
  • Anger Management Issues
  • Career issues and changes
  • LGBT issues



Carol is a gifted, brilliant therapist and a most exceptional person. She is caring, candid and compassionate, thoughtful and thought-provoking, sincere, supportive and sensitive. You'll get honest observations and comments, but you won't feel judged. You'll find your effort and your commitment will rise to match the energy she puts in to you. She will work to earn your trust and, when she does, she will work tirelessly to help you. Carol is the rare person who makes everything and everyone around her better. I don't know what hard, difficult challenge may bring you in to her office; I do know that you will leave it a more effective, more complete, more ready person than when you arrived.


Carol has been a source of strength for me since I first met with her 8 years ago. I had seen other therapists in the past but had not worked with anyone that seemed as genuinely interested in helping, guiding, and teaching me how to cope with the present and be able to move forward. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field and is able to help all different personalities, ages, and situations. Carol is honest without judgement. Her concern for individuals continues past the appointments and four walls. For eight years she has been the reason I have been able to ride this roller-coaster called my life!


Carol has been extremely helpful to me for the last several years. I'd recommend her without reservation for individuals or couples (and children, too, I'm told). I first learned about Carol from an expert friend who also is a great psychologist, and I've been deeply grateful for the help and learning I've gotten ever since.


I have been seeing Dr. Garfinkle for many years and, not to be dramatic, she has changed my life. She listens and hears everything I say and truly knows me. She insists that I am kind to myself and that I understand the protectors that I have naturally, but she also never lets me lie to myself (which can be an easy out at times). Dr. Garfinkle is focused on the long-term health of her clients and never opts for the short term easy fix. I know that she is invested in my future happiness and I appreciate her support more than she will ever know.


After going to Dr. Carol Garfinkle I have learned more than I ever thought possible. She has taught me how to really listen to myself, and apply what I can learn from myself in everything I do. Being in my early twenties in this fast paced world can be overwhelming, but she has showed me how to take a step back, look at everything and reevaluate how I may look at things. But most importantly she has showed me what it means to be me and how to always be the best me I can be.


Carol Garfinkle, PSY.D. provides a safe environment for meaningful dialogue in the pursuit of improved awareness. Always warm, professional, and remarkably flexible, she welcomes all feelings without judgment. Like a trusted friend, Dr. Garfinkle delivers valuable emotional support as well as intelligent solutions for even the most daunting challenges.


Carol Garfinkle, PsyD, is an excellent therapist. She has knowledge of many types of therapies and found the right style of therapy for my needs. She helped me through some very difficult times and gave me an insight into myself that will last a lifetime. She helped me overcome short term, medium term and long term challenges and I would heartily recommend her.