Family Therapy

I focus on collaborating with parents on how to best develop healthy, lasting relationships with their children. Learning how to communicate in a way that reduces conflict and increases respect is key. Family therapy also may include assisting the transitional process through separation and divorce or stepfamily blending issues.

Parent Guidance- Areas frequently addressed include:

  • Learn how to CONNECT before CORRECT and set compassionate limits to help your child learn to be the best they can be!
  • Learn to adjust your parenting styles to meet the new and ever changing demands of each age and temperament.
  • Learn to come together with your partner to combine the best of your styles and create a united parenting frame with consistent rewards and consequences.
  • Learn effective behavior management strategies whether your child has ADHD or can become oppositional, anxious or meltdown.
  • Provide your child with a feelings tools kit
  • Increase trust and independence
  • Have more fun!

Child And Adolescent Therapy

I meet with parents first to make sure they are comfortable with me and understand the process of how I work (strategies and likely course of action), as well as to take a full history. Together we will begin to assess the best course of action. Sometimes that involves having the child come in individually and sometimes therapy begins with the family or just the parents.

One of my core strengths lies in establishing a solid connection with kids and adolescents so the trust is there, which is a pre-requisite for getting any results. Beyond a supportive environment, I provide concrete strategies and help to develop more effective coping skills to help children and adolescents address the problems they are facing. I am cross-trained in play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and family systems therapy. I also often get incredible results regarding better decision making with adolescents utilizing tools stemming from the Internal Family Systems therapy model as well. I see children individually or with their parents depending on the situation.

Children are seen from ages 4 & up for a variety of issues which may include:

  • academic and school adjustment issues
  • coping with divorce
  • stress management
  • self esteem
  • anger management and defiance
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • substance abuse
  • sleep problems
  • trauma
  • ADHD
  • loss
  • social issues



Dr. Garfinkle helped steer our troubled teen daughter in the right direction. In 2009 when our daughter was 16 she ran away from home and moved in with her alcoholic, 21-year-old boyfriend. She was planning to quit school and move to Florida with him. We were devastated and did not know how to get her back. Dr. Garfinkle came to the rescue. Through several emergency group therapy sessions, we were able to understand each other better and communicate better with each other. She peacefully returned home within a week and began seeing Dr. G regularly. She is now due to receive her Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering in May 2016!


My husband and I sought counseling with Dr. Garfinkle when our son’s emotional challenges became a tremendous source of stress on our entire family. Dr. Garfinkle is a talented practitioner whose strategies and insight have truly helped our family. She has skillfully worked with our 4 year-old son; whereas most practitioners in the area will not work with patients of his age. In addition, she has helped my husband and me to find creative ways to parent him. Dr. Garfinkle has been a ray of hope in a seemingly desperate situation.


Dr. Carol Garfinkle is a truly talented psychologist who has helped our family significantly. Our 9 year old daughter was experiencing some social anxiety and struggling with a “Queen Bee” in her class. Dr. Garfinkle was able to quickly connect with our daughter and helped her to be more open and playful. With her assistance, our daughter is blossoming socially and is more at ease with herself. Through talk and play therapy, Dr. Garfinkle has helped her work through some of the conflicts that were arising in the classroom and on the playground. She has also helped my husband and me greatly with parenting skills and in communicating with our daughter. These skills have been invaluable and have improved our relationship with our children. We are very grateful to Dr. Garfinkle and recommend her most highly to parents who feel in need of support and guidance with the challenges involved in raising children.


Dr. Garfinkle has been a tremendous resource for our son. In just a few weeks, he felt so comfortable with Carol that he opened about deep concerns that he wasn’t even sharing with us; weeks later reported feeling “so much lighter”. In addition, Dr. Garfinkle has also helping our son develop skills to deal with borderline spectrum and executive issues that have been challenging him for years. Carol is gifted at connecting with both kids and parents, and has been very helpful to our son and us. We would definitely recommend her!